Thursday, November 16, 2006

Windows Secrets & LangaList

First, a hearty congratulations on the merging of Brian Livingston's "Windows Secrets Newsletter" with Fred Langa's LangaList. Both have enjoyed a large readership over the years. The combined newsletter is going to 275,755 recipients with countless others reading it online!

Now, regarding the portion of the "Free antivirus, a new firewall, and IP sniffing" by Fred Langa relating to "Ad-Aware's new firewall gets a good buzz", a bit of full disclosure is needed. The firewall offered by Lavasoft was introduced in November, 2005. The Lavasoft Firewall is a "trimmed down", rebranded Outpost firewall.

Unfortunately, the revamping of the Lavasoft website
also resulted in the loss of historical Lavasoft news items. However, at "Agnitum Stragetic Partners" note:
"The following list describes strategic partners with whom Agnitum has shared the fruitful benefits of cooperation:

Lavasoft, the pioneer and worldwide leader in anti-spyware solutions, markets re-branded Outpost Firewall Pro as Lavasoft Personal Firewall product.

"We were pleased to partner with Agnitum to offer customers a more comprehensive security suite".

Fernando Francisco
Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

For further information, see Chachazz's November 6, 2005, "A look at Lavasoft Personal Firewall" at Gladiator Security Forum.

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