Saturday, November 25, 2006

Microsoft's AntiSpyware Tool Removed IE

According to a report at, a recently released Microsoft AntiSpyware software apparently detected Internet Explorer as spyware, and removed the program from their systems, according to a report at Oops!

Of course the report by BBSpot was intentionally not specific, with no indication as to whether the software was from Windows Defender or from the Malicious Removal Tool. From that alone the reader would realize it is a parity. Reading on, however, the reported quote made for a further chuckle:

"Elias Weatherbee, a Microsoft representative, said the program was "only in beta" and that "a fix was forthcoming."

"It shows how powerful our AntiSpyware program is," said Weatherbee. "Not only is it able to remove spyware from the system, but also the source of most spyware. Our competitors can't match that."

A representative from Lavasoft, which sells Ad-Aware another spyware removal program, complained that Microsoft was using its monopoly and knowledge of the operating system to 'offer features that others can't match.'"

"Tough shit," said Weatherbee.

Although a joke, can you imagine a competitor complaining about Microsoft using their knowledge of the operating system that others cannot match? Seems like truth and fiction do often run hand-in-hand.

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Looking at the picture realistically -- joke aside -- the writing has been on the wall since Microsoft entered the anti-spyware detection and removal field. With real-time protection free, we may see a change in business swing away from smaller companies like Lavasoft. Customers are going to question the need to pay a license renewal fee for real-time protection such as Ad-Watch when such protection is free from other sources.

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