Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Typo? No, Its!

Glancing at the titles of this morning's blog feeds, I was all set to send Paperghost a quick email calling his attention to a typo in the blog title, Beware of Mimicking an Adware vendor for fun and profit. I clicked the link to read the article and was glad I hadn't jumped the gun. Come to discover, it was no typo after all.

It appears that who ever is behind "DoiiarRevenue" is hoping to cash in on advertising revenue gleaned from mistaking their identity for that of Before you get all hot under the collar, don't feel bad for the DollarRevenue folks. They're known for supplying the unsuspecting with popups, toolbars and lots of not-so-fun goodies where they don't belong.

As Paperghost said:
"This whole situation is extremely interesting - security sites, search engines and pretty much everything else out there have had to deal with typosquatters like this in the past. This is the first time I can recall seeing this happen to an Adware vendor, though of course I could be wrong. Assuming this isn't a legit DollarRevenue site - and I can't see how it could be - there'll be even more confusion in the "who just jacked me!" camp, as end-users struggle to find out exactly who just marched into their PC, set up camp and refused to stop squatting in their back gardens.
"Typosquatting" has been a source of frustration for legitimate websites. If the term is new to you, read about it in Wikipedia, also the victim of typosquatting.

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