Monday, November 27, 2006

And That's All She Wrote!

Regarding Bits from Bill: Vista Countdown:

"Like me, most of my Blogger friends took it easy this long weekend. I know I had more than my share of turkey and cranberry sauce. There was one exception. I can only guess they opened up a new Starbucks across the street from Corinne at the Security Garden. She’s been writing like crazy and has lots of news to share."

There was a purpose behind the madness. Some day I may explain but can assure you there is no Starbucks across the street from me.

In addition to all of the blogging, I was also "working the forums", providing help where I could. Interestingly, I received positive feed-back on specific help provided at an anti-spyware vendor site. Apparently the person I helped -- who has the top-of-the-line licensed software from that vendor -- was having conflict problems between that product and that of another vendor. The response from customer support to this individual was that he would have to choose between the two products and only run one of them.

Nice way to lose customers. I provided a solution for the person and the two products co-exist quite nicely now.

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