Monday, November 20, 2006

Want to report new malware?

It wasn't so long ago that I congratulated Security Cadets on becoming members of the Alliance for Security Analysis Professionals (ASAP). Having watched the site develop, I should not be surprised to see that Security Cadets is now providing a way for members (or non-members) to report new malware.

As Andy explains . . .
Whilst we continue to upgrade some services here at security cadets. We now have the oppertunity for you, our readers, to report new malware.

Very easy steps. Look towards the right sidebar and read the part that says: Report New Malware! … Simple heh?

If there is no link about this in the sidebar you can always contact us by clicking here.

It can be anything from a bad site to a bad file. This is just another step for you to help us. So that others can benefit from it and hopefully be prevented.

If it is a file. Please take a copy of it. Zip it up and set a password for it. And in a second e-mail send us the password.

*Dsiclaimer - We may not reply back to each and every e-mail sent to us. Please don’t feel disheartend*

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