Friday, November 17, 2006

F-Secure Offers Mobile Security

Do you have a mobile phone that has Wi-Fi capability? If so, have you considered a firewall for protection? F-Secure offers an integrated antivirus and firewall.

The key features as described at F-Secure Mobile Security are as shown below:

Integrated Firewall
F-Secure Mobile Security enables secure mobile computing by combining an integrated antivirus and firewall. A firewall is especially useful in devices that use Wi-Fi or other public networks for Internet access.

Transparent, real-time protection locally on the device
F-Secure Mobile Security is designed to be as easy to use as possible. To prevent infection, all files are automatically intercepted and scanned when they are saved, copied, downloaded, synchronized or otherwise modified. There is no need for user intervention.

Automatic scanning of memory cards
F-Secure Mobile Security scans automatically all files on memory cards. When an infected file is detected, it is immediately quarantined in order to protect all other data in the system.

Automatic antivirus and software updates
F-Secure Mobile Security entails advanced methods for updating the virus signature database. Automatic antivirus database updates to the mobile devices are done over a secure HTTPS data connection or incrementally with SMS messages. These take place invisibly without any need for user involvement.

F-Secure Mobile Security also supports automatic detection of data connections such as GPRS / UMTS / Wi-Fi / WLAN etc. Whenever a data connection is used the solution checks for software and antivirus database updates in the background.

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