Monday, November 20, 2006

Bad Practices Continue at Zango

You may recall that when writing about the "Intermix Settlement", Ben Edelman promised a follow-up on Zango. In a joint report, entitled "Bad Practices Continue at Zango, Notwithstanding Proposed FTC Settlement and Zango's Claims" by Ben Edelman and Eric Howes is an incredible analysis of Zango's current practices. Yes, current.

It apparently does not seem to matter to the Zango creators that, contrary to their press release stating:
"Every consumer downloading Zango's desktop advertising software sees a fully and conspicuously disclosed, plain-language notice and consent process,"
That the evidence presented by Messrs. Edelman and Howes proves that this is absolutely not true. I join with them and other members of the community in the hope that the FTC does indeed take a close look at the practice, not the words, of Zango people and comes down hard on them and other creators of advertising software.

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