Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Microsoft | Dell Create Super-Cool Custom PC

I have been following Donna Buenaventura's adventures installing and experimenting with Vista on her Dell laptop (See Vista on Dell XPS M1210; Vista & Dell MediaDirect; Incompatible software). I think about now she may be sorry she has a laptop instead of a desktop like the one featured in the Windows Vista Blog today in Windows Vista Custom PC Design. That is most definitely a Windows PC!

When it comes to PC's for myself, I'm afraid that I have to stick to basics. I have a favorite local PC shop that I visit and pick out as much of a system as I can afford. I'm still using the 17" monitor I got with my old Win95 system and when the box was built for XP, they transferred the diskette drive and CD reader from the old box. It saved a few dollars. The nice part about using a local shop is in the event of a problem, they are close by and stand behind their work.

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