Friday, November 17, 2006

Microsoft, FTC Sue Spyware Distributor

This is the kind of news that members of the security community really like to hear, as reported in Beta News by Nate Nook:

The Federal Trade Commission said Monday that a court has shut down a spyware operation run by ERG Ventures, which installed malware on millions of consumers' computers. Microsoft followed up the news Tuesday by filing its own lawsuit against the individual behind the company, Timothy P. Taylor.

Taylor allegedly used screensavers and video files as Trojans to surreptitiously install spyware in the background. The program, Media Motor, changed users' home pages, added toolbars and pop-up advertising to the Web browser, tracked Internet activity, put icons on the Windows desktop, and disabled antivirus software.

According to the article, Microsoft has indicated a claim that Taylor violated the Washington Computer Spyware Act and the Washington Consumer Protection Act and are seeking damages from the defendant.

Having helped many users reclaim their computer from these infections, I certainly look forward to the outcome.

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