Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Mozilla Firefox Version 89.0.1 Released With Security Update


Mozilla sent Firefox Version 89.0.1 to the release channel today.  The update includes one security update, rated moderate.




  • Windows: Resolved an issue causing some screen readers to not interact correctly with Firefox anymore (bug 1714212)
  • Updated translations, including full Spanish (Mexico) localization and other improvements (bug 1714946)
  • Fix various font related regressions (bug 1694174)
  • Linux: Fix performance and stability regressions with WebRender (bug 1715895bug 1715902)
  • macOS: Fix screen flickering when scrolling a page on an external monitor (bug 1715452)
  • Enterprise: Fix for the DisableDeveloperTools policy not having effect anymore (bug 1715777)
  • Linux: Fix broken scrollbars on some GTK themes (bug 1714103)


To get the update now, select "Help" from the Firefox menu, then pick "About Firefox."  Mac users need to select "About Firefox" from the Firefox menu. If you do not use the English language version, Fully Localized Versions are available for download.


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Monday, June 14, 2021

Windows 10 End of Support Date 14 October 2025!

A number of articles have appeared about Windows 10 end of support.  This has been confirmed at Windows 10 Home and Pro - Microsoft Lifecycle | Microsoft Docs and, as indicated, applies to the following editions: Home, Pro, Pro Education, Pro for Workstations.

Edit Note:  Come to find out, the end of support date has been known since before the release of date of Windows 10 (July 29, 2015).  From Support for Windows 10 Will Last Until 2025, published July 20, 2015:

Microsoft today said that its next OS release will have official support for the customary 10 years.

An update on the company's Windows lifecycle fact sheet Web site showed that official extended support for Windows 10 will end on Oct. 14, 2025 and mainstream support will conclude five years earlier on Oct. 13, 2020.

Along with the end of support for Windows 10, there has been vast speculation about the naming convention for the next version.  Although many of the articles reference Windows 11, others suggest SunValley as the next version.  

Rather than speculate, I'll wait for the official announcement which is scheduled for June 24th at (Microsoft Windows Event - Watch the June 24 LIVE stream.

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May the wind sing to you and the sun rise in your heart...

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Out-of-Band Update for Windows 10 Xbox Game Pass


Microsoft released an out-of-band update to fix an Xbox Game Pass issue for Windows 10 Version 21H1, Windows 10 Version 20H1 and Windows 10 Version 2004.  

As described in KB article KB5004476:  "Updates an issue that might redirect you to the Microsoft Store page for Gaming Services when you try to install or start an Xbox Game Pass game on your Windows 10 device."  

Update:  To get the update, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.  The link to download and install the update can be found in the Optional updates available area.  To get the standalone package, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

Note:  If you are not experiencing this issue, you do not need to install the update.



Remember - "A day without laughter is a day wasted."
May the wind sing to you and the sun rise in your heart...