Monday, November 20, 2006

Windows 98 - UNOFFICIAL Autopatcher

Please realize up front that the links posted below are not supported by Microsoft. In fact, it is my strong recommendation that if your system is still Windows 98 that you upgrade ASAP. I realize that some people may be waiting for Vista to be released. However, many companies are offering special deals, particularly with the Holidays approaching, for very reasonable (and I have heard, some free) upgrades from Windows XP to Vista.

That said, while catching up on my RSS feeds, I spotted "Autopatcher For Windows 98 se - MS won't help but this might" posted in the ClifNotes Newsletter:

"What will you do? You've just re-installed Windows 98 on an old PC. You should get it updated at Microsoft ... uh, be prepared to spend several hours there.

Autopatcher for Windows 98se to the rescue!

I recently tried it, it took about 50 minutes, and it's just chock full of goodies to keep a new Win98 install from becoming immediately infected due to the dozens of security holes they've found in Win98 by now."

Get the URL and other information in the Newsletter link above.

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