Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some Things I Like About IE7 -- So Far

Yesterday I wrote about A Few Things I Dislike about IE7 - So Far. Also note the update in that posting on opening a new tab, compliments of HT of Computer Defense.

I would be extremely amiss of me to not mention some things that I do like about IE7. In addition, I would not want to influence anyone's decision on whether or not to install IE7. By all means, if your operating system is compatible, I encourage you to install IE7 even if you use another browser for much of your web surfing.

Look and Feel
  • Granted, "looks are only skin deep" but I really like the looks of IE7. It may be a "gender-specific" thing, but it has a cool, clean look that I did not "feel" with IE6.

  • The Phishing Filter is great. It operates quietly in the background. You only know it is working if you have the Status Bar visible. It is easy to turn on and off. Yes, I admit it. I turned it off for a while last night. I was doing some research at Microsoft websites that had a lot of data on the page. Remember, I am on dial-up so I turned it off. It was simple to turn back on though when I was finished.

Quick Tabs
  • I can envision a number of situations times when Quick Tabs would come in handy. One in particular comes to mind and that is on-line comparison shopping. I don't know about everyone else, but when I am contemplating the purchase of something, I like to compare styles, features, and, of course prices. That means I end up with a lot of open tabs. It is easy to lose track of which site had the brand with a particular feature. Quick Tabs would make it much easier to locate.

  • I really like the way Feeds are integrated in the browser. It is easy to see at a glance which site has new information posted and a quick mouse-over shows the time/date of the last update and will also indicate the number of new items.

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