Thursday, November 23, 2006

First Black Friday, then Cyber Monday

The biggest retail shopping day in the United States is the day after Thanksgiving -- referred to as Black Friday as it is the day that changes the books from red to black.

With the advent of on-line shopping, there is a new winner in the shopping world. It is referred to as "Cyber Monday". There is even a website dedicated to CyberMonday. So, what is Cyber Monday? It is the day most Americans return to work after the long Thanksgiving Holiday weekend -- and have access to a high-speed connection at the office.

Harry Waldron put together some "Tips for shopping safely online" -- good advice on Cyber Monday or any day.

1. Does your employer permit this? -- Hopefully, most employees will recognize that employers have a right to monitor all Internet activities conducted on business equipment. However, some employers permit some personal use during lunch, breaks, or after hours. Users should check IT policies or with their supervisors if they are unsure on corporate usage policies. They should carefully use this business resource and not allow "Cyber Monday" to become grounds for "Layoff Tuesday"

2. Always "Think before you click" -- Be careful with email links or URLs returned via a website search. Phishing attacks are disquised sites that look like the real e-commerce site, but they are designed to capture your credit card or account information for fraudulent misuse. These types of sites are abundant and often referenced in spam email. Always go in by the parent site to find products or services. Be careful and avoid clicking on ads in web pages. Remember that a complete stranger on the Internet doesn't truly want to give you anything. More information on phishing attacks can be found at

3. Conduct e-commerce with mainstream sites that use secure server technology. Never shop by email or other untrusted conventions. Research human contact or return policies, so that you can resolve issues quickly.

4. Use a true credit card, rather than a bank debit card as better fraud protection is present

5. Maintain your privacy at all times. Only provide information once you're certain the information can be trusted. Also ensure your system is free of any malware.

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Stay Safe while shopping online (a few sites found in a quick search)

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