Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't be Fooled by Gromozon Falsehood

Those sneaky, conniving, malicious Gromozon creators have taken their dirty tricks a step further. As reported by Alex Eckelberry in Gromozon blowback:
. . . the authors of this malware have inserted code in Gromozon which implicates Marco Giuliani of authoring it! Marco is a perfectly upstanding security researcher who, in fact, created a Gromozon removal tool for PrevX.
Members of the security community have been following the escapades of Gromozon, read Marco's report and have seen the results of the tool he developed and Prevx is offering to users infected by this monster free of charge. As Marco wrote about Gromozon

"It’s clear: my Gromozon analysis and our removal tool wasn’t so appreciated by who wrote the gromozon team."

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