Thursday, November 23, 2006

After all the Microsoft/Linux Hoopla . . .

I must say that after all the recent postings about the Microsoft asserting their patent portfolio, I found the report at and the "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO) being lower with Microsoft servers than Linux servers.

"Many total cost of ownership (TCO) studies have reaffirmed that TCO of a large enterprise infrastructure based on Microsoft® Windows ServerTM 2003 is lower than one based on Linux. But what about TCO in a Web hosting environment? Few rigorous studies have examined the economics of ownership among service providers. To understand TCO in a shared hosting environment and to understand what service providers could do to lower the TCO of Windows–based hosted services even more, Microsoft offered to perform an in-depth TCO study at Hostbasket, one of the leading hosting service providers in Europe. The results of the analysis showed that the TCO of Windows–based shared services can be as much as 55 percent lower than the TCO of analogous services offered on Fedora Core. Moreover, the study revealed how service providers can lower the TCO of their Windows–based offerings even more."
Take a look at the chart reproduced at and see the difference, particularly with .NET Framework 2.0 SQL Server 2005. Go, MS!

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