Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ed Bott: "Worst. Review. Ever." (Zune vs. iPod Division)

Ed Bott has spotted a number of other reviews that he as deemed pretty bad or essential non-reviews. However, the "best in class" in the Zune vs. iPod Division of worst ever was presented by the Chicago Sun-Times. That review hit the blog-o-sphere last week, providing fodder for the masses in rapid motion.

The problem, as disclosed by
Ed Bott today in Worst.Review.Ever (Zune vs. iPod division) is that the author of the scathing review in the Chicago Sun-Times of Microsoft's new Zune is more than just a bit biased. The bias is only one part of the problem. The author's "interest" in Mac and iPod seems to have been overlooked by the Chicago Sun-Times:
"Seriously, assigning longtime Mac and iPod zealot Andy Ihnatko to review the Zune is bad enough. But not informing your readers about his background is a thousand times worse. The Sun-Times’s bio for Ihnatko says only: 'Andy Ihnatko writes on technical and computer issues for the Sun-Times.'”
That is more than misleading. In my opinion, the Chicago Sun Times was negligent in not disclosing the author's "interest" in the iPod. The content of the review becomes irrelevant based on the deception in hiding the interests of the author.

As to Ed's suggestion that the Chicago Sun-Times ask Steve Ballmer if he wants to review the Mac OS X Leopard when it is released, that has possibilities. However, I would think he is too much a gentleman to undertake that task.

Decide for yourself:

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