Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why consumers are angry with Microsoft over Zune

I reported earlier about problems with Zune customers have been having with the the new Microsoft Video Marketplace. Sadly, that is not the real problem with Zune. Besides preferring the smaller size of competitors; namely iPod, there have been issues with downloading the software.

More serious, of course, are issues of compatibility and usability. To start, don't try to download the software with Firefox. Like Microsoft Updates, only Internet Explorer 7 is acceptable. This will eliminate completely anyone with Windows 2007 (See Goodbye Windows 2000). By narrowing the market in this manner, consumers who may have purchased Zune will turn to iPod instead.

See other issues raised in "Why consumers are angry with Microsoft over Zune", but note the conclusion but keep in mind "Microsof's DRM Strategy":
"The point of all this is that Microsoft seems to have taken the one major thing that consumers don't like about iPod and iTunes - the DRM restricted closed system - and ignored all the good things."

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