Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goodbye Windows 2000

An interesting report by Bill Allin posted by Clif in today's edition of "Clif Notes". Mr. Allin's source in Microsoft has heard recently that Windows 2000 (W2K) is "on the chopping block". In part, the letter reads:

"MS Mole reports from a Microsoft meeting this week that the company has no plan to support the installation of Internet Explorer 7 with Windows 2000 or any earlier version of Windows. In his words, "Microsoft is trying to make Windows 2000 go away" without saying as much publicly. The MS screw is being steadily tightened so that everyone who uses Windows will have to use an up-to-date version because new Microsoft products will not run on earlier platforms."

I guess this should not be a surprise to anyone with both Windows Defender and IE7 not supported in W2K. Taking this thought a step further, Mainstream support for W2K ended 30 June 2005. Note, that extended support is still listed on the Microsoft Life Support page as 13 July 2010. I expect that Microsoft is hoping that without the advantage of IE7 and Windows Defender, there will be the added incentive to upgrade.

See the full letter in Windows 2000 Goodbye.

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