Monday, November 13, 2006

Bridging the Gap: Microsoft Vista License

When Scot Finnie selected Ed Bott's Microsoft Report Blog, as "Link of the Month" in the November 2006 (Vol. 6, Issue No. 86) of Scot's Newsletter, he made a perfect choice. Here's part of what Scot wrote
"Ed's coverage of Windows Genuine Advantage, Vista's Software Protection Platform, Vista licensing, DRM in Vista, and many other controversial topics swirling around Windows Vista and Microsoft this year have been nothing short of first rate."
Although I chuckled when I read Scot's words, "The man can blog," that was the first thing I thought of when I saw Ed's "Vista Mythbusters #8: That license isn't so bad, after all". Not only does Ed disprove the Myth:

"The new end user license agreement (EULA) for Windows Vista is loaded with draconian restrictions, and you're not even allowed to troubleshoot bugs!"

he continues on to point out the Reality:

"For the most part, the Vista license agreement is clearer than its predecessors, and many of the so-called restrictions in it are based on misunderstandings."

Ed pointedly puts to rest many controversial issues surrounding the Vista License (End User License Agreement or EULA). For example, in countering Professor Seltzer's comments with regard to work-around relative to technical limitations, Ed wrote, in part:

"Read in this vein, it's clear that Vista's "technical limitations" include Home Basic's inability to use two physical CPUs, Home Premium's limit on three connections to Media Center extenders, and the maximum of 10 network connections for Ultimate edition. Trying to interpret this clause to prohibit problem-solving and troubleshooting stretches credibility to the point of paranoia."
The full series is definitely worth a read. In fact, if Ed's Blog isn't on your subscription list, you are missing out.


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