Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sunbelt Announces CounterSpy2.0 Public Beta

Sunbelt's CounterSpy has an impressive staff working and consulting for them. Unlike so many of the other companies in the anti-spyware business, Alex Eckelberry impresses me with his openness. He frequently posts news about competitors' success. A company with a leader of that caliber earns a great deal of respect from the security community. If you are in the market for an anti-spyware application, consider CounterSpy.

From Alex' post in the SunbeltBLOG introducing the Beta:

CounterSpy 2.0 includes the following new features or improvements:
  • Significantly reduced memory footprint
  • Re-designed/re-coded scan and removal engine
  • Faster full scan times
  • Improved remediation capabilities
  • New heuristics engine for improved detections
  • New scan-on-boot technology
  • New kernel-level Active Protections
  • Incremental definition updates
I definitely appreciated Alex' warning with regard to Beta software:

"Note on Beta Quality Software: Interested users should bear in mind that this is beta quality software. As such, users can expect to encounter bugs of all shapes and sizes, including some that could in rare cases cause catastrophic system crashes. Users are cautioned not to install or run beta quality software in a business "production" environment or in an environment where bugs and system crashes are flatly unacceptable. In the event you encounter a Windows System failure or CounterSpy crashes and you are given the option to send your log information to Microsoft, please send it so we can quickly analyze any compatibility issues CounterSpy may encounter."

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