Saturday, November 25, 2006

Popular Kaspersky Launches Technical Support Portal

From the Kaspersky Press Release:

"Kaspersky Lab has launched a new web portal for its technical support service. The portal shows visitors how to protect all types of IT systems, from PDAs and smartphones to file servers and mail systems. The portal also includes solutions to the most common technical problems, a user forum, and a system for sending requests directly to Kaspersky Lab technical support.

The portal also features a large, easy-to-use and up-to-date database of publications, statistics and technical articles on a variety of subjects, including protecting electronic information; and Kaspersky Lab products and their operating principles, as well as common errors related to their usage. The resource also notifies users of new publications.

The English version of the technical support portal can be found at

A Russian version is also available, and a German version of the new portal is planned for the near future."

The site includes help and information on "Fighting malicious programs",
"Personal Desktop Protection", "Mail System Protection", "Perimeter Protection" and more.

Another great service from Kaspersky.

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