Monday, March 05, 2007

More Vista Bookmarks Added

It certainly isn't taking long to come up with new additions to Windows Vista Bookmarks. It seems that as soon as I send out notice of the most recent updates, I find others. To keep my confusion to a minimum and also so the update notices aren't too long, I'll continue sending an update after getting a few. I am also updating the post date when adding a new bookmark which will bump the post to the top of the queue.

Here are the most recent additions:

Internet Explorer 7
Reviews and Collections
  • Steve Sinchak's Windows Vista Usability Tips Articles

    This is a wonderful collection of very useful articles by Steve, a Microsoft MVP, author and most definitely a Microsoft Enthusiast!

  • Windows Vista RTM FAQ and Quick Start Guide - March 2007 Edition

    "Andre is excellent at writing extremely useful and comprehensive FAQ's and I've used him as a resource for directing folks to the right information - especially with Windows Vista and Office 2007. Andre is also responsible for ActiveWin's 70+ page Windows Vista Review. You should check that out too."

    ActiveWin's review has long been bookmarked and now Andre Da Costa's updated FAQ/Quick Start Guide has also been bookmarked in Reviews and Collections.

  • Windows Vista User Guide

    "This site contains information about the various editions of Windows Vista, from Windows Vista starter to Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. Details on pricing and feature comparisons can also be found as well as methods of upgrading your current pc running Windows XP to Windows Vista will be detailed in easy to follow steps and plenty of screenshots to explain the exact procedures on how to upgrade.

    While you are at Windows Vista User Guide, check out the collection of Windows Vista Screenshots, a gallery of all the applications within Windows Vista

Windows Vista Customizations
  • Desktop Wallpaper

    I came by this gadget via VistaJuice. The following description is from the download page:
    "Similar to the MS Slide Show Gadget, but also changes your desktop wallpaper at set intervals. It also allows more scaling options that Vista supports by default, such as "Maintain aspect ratio" and "Crop to fit screen". If you don't want the slide show, you can set it to "preview next wallpaper" instead. Any issues, please visit the Gadget home page on"
Vista Feature Tutorials

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