Thursday, March 01, 2007

Julie Amero Verdict Postponed

I realize I haven't kept up with the postings on the State of Amero and apologize if anyone has missed the news that Superior Court Judge Hillary Strackbein earlier this week to postpone sentencing originally scheduled for March 2. Sentencing is now scheduled for March 29 in Norwich Superior Court. (See the Norwich Bulletin).

There is an incredible amount of information posted at VitalSecurity. See what Paperghost has been up to. Allow me to just say, if I ever need a tiger in my corner, I will opt for Paperghost!

The Julie Amero trial transcripts have been posted online. From SunbeltBLOG:

Julie Amero transcripts online

Court transcripts now available online. Link here.

Update: Full download available Bob Johnston.

Alex Eckelberry

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