Saturday, March 17, 2007

Outbound Rules List for Windows Vista Firewall

Last month I added Donna's tutorial, “Vista’s Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” to Windows Vista Bookmarks. Donna's tutorial includes illustrated instructions on how to create an outbound rule for Windows Vista Firewall.

Shortly thereafter, I saw Outbound Rules List, by HTRegz. It is the start of a list of outbound rules for “standard” applications and default install locations that can be imported into the Windows Vista Firewall. The imported list is used to configure outbound filtering without the need to configure each program individually. HTRegz is
"more than willing to create additions to the list (assuming I know the software to be “safe”)

I suggested a few software programs that came to mind. If you have suggestions of others to be added, post them as a comment to HTRegz' Outbound Rules List. Just tell him Corrine sent you. Smile


treguly said...

Hey Corrine,

Thanks for pointing people towards the post... I'm really hoping to get more feedback on applications to add.. Should I grow it enough, I plan on turning it into a permanent page so that people can easily access it. So fellow readers, I'm looking forward to a giant list of software you'd like to see added to the rules..

HT (Tyler)

PS. Corrine, We've put up our list of Infosec Influencers for ya :) Check it out.

Corrine said...

I would also like to see the list grow since I believe it will make it much easier for Windows Vista users to set up the firewall.

As to the list, not only have I seen it, but I have also been checking those who are not already on my personal list of regulars to follow (as both 360 Security and .:Computer Defense:. have both been for a while now.)