Saturday, March 24, 2007

Defrag Windows Vista Faster

Features and Tutorials

The Unofficial Windows Vista Weblog is a good source of information. The site is recognized by Microsoft as a Windows Vista Community Blog and has been included in my feed list for a while.

Today I found a great tutorial via Milo at Windows Vista Weblog from VistaRewired for speeding up the Windows Vista Defrag tool and added it to the growing list of Vista Features and Tutorials.
Note: Many people are of the opinion that it is unnecessary to defrag NTFS systems. Granted, unlike the earlier Windows operating systems, NTFS systems do not require frequent defraging. However, if you notice the system getting a bit "sluggish", particularly after heavy add/remove activities, running the defrag tool or the tools in the VistaRewired tutorial may help return the computer to its earlier zippy state.

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