Thursday, March 29, 2007

Windows Vista Bookmarks and IE7

I have yet to figure out the problem, see that Windows Vista Bookmarks is not rendering correctly in IE7. It is fine in Firefox and IE6 but there is a huge space before the first bookmark sections in IE7.

When I was looking to "remodel" the bookmark site, I checked out Windows Spaces Live and Word Press. There were too many advertisements on Windows Spaces Live to suit me. Word Press also had a rendering problem with IE7.

Although I really like the look, particularly the simplicity of Windows Vista Bookmarks, I may have to find yet another new template. In the meantime, if you use IE7, you will have to scroll down the page to see the most recently updated section.

Edit Note: In the template I used for development, I noticed that the most recent post did not show in IE7, apparently taking up the large white space. I published a test post with only a title and that moved the rest of the posts up the page. After repeating the process in "production" in Windows Vista Bookmarks with a blank post entitled, "Welcome to Windows Vista Bookmarks", the white space was substantially reduced in IE7. The Welcome post does not show in IE7 but is visible in other browsers. Very strange.

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