Friday, March 16, 2007

The Microsoft Anti-Malware Team Lives!

When the first report was issued that Windows Live One Care failed an antivirus test, I was more upset that we had no statements, updates, or any type of information from the Microsoft Anti-Malware Team in many months, let alone any comment, explanation, or path forward with regard to the test results. After all, veteran McAfee failed the same test.

A short time ago, however, I had a wonderful surprise when I decided a check of my RSS feeds would be a good companion to the New England Clam Chowder that I picked up from the cafeteria for lunch. There before me was (finally) an indication of a new entry in the Microsoft Anti-Malware Engineering Team blog!

Jimmy Kuo, Microsoft Security Research & Response team (MSRR), addresses the concerns raised with regard to the detection capability of Windows Live OneCare. What I particularly like about Jimmy Kuo's post is that it is in "normal English", not "Geek-Speak". This is important to me because my focus is on the home PC user -- the very people who are likely to consider Windows Live OneCare for their computer. I can point to his explanation with confidence that my readers will not get lost after the first sentence.

That said, without further adeau, I encourage taking a few minutes to read "Hello World" by Jimmy Kuo.

Update: Although MIA since the end of January, the Windows Live OneCare blog team has also posted today. See
Update from OneCare. I hope we are seeing a come back.

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