Sunday, March 18, 2007

Microsoft Updates Added to Windows Vista Bookmarks

In addition to adding the two Microsoft updates described below, the Drivers, Hardware and Software bookmark page has been revamped a bit.

Via Sidebar Geek, The Wow:
"Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center Driver for Windows Vista (64-bit) Hardware

Brief Description: The Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center enables data synchronization between Windows Mobile-powered devices and Windows Vista."

Via Robert McLaws, Vista Daily #14:

Microsoft revised Knowledge Base Article 925528, providing a"Reliability update for the USB stack in Windows Vista:

"Apply this update if you experience one or more of the following issues after you resume a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep or from hibernation:
  • A device stops responding (hangs) or stops working correctly. There may be a yellow exclamation mark next to the device in Device Manager. Or, the device may not appear in Device Manager. The device may be a fingerprint reader, a Windows Media Center remote control, an optical drive, a FeliCa reader, or some other device.
  • After you resume the computer, you use the Safely Remove Hardware option to remove a device on a portable Windows Vista-based computer. However, in this situation, you cannot reconnect the device. After this issue occurs, the computer may stop responding when you try to shut it down or to perform a restart.
  • A device such as a fingerprint reader is not available for use at the Welcome screen.
  • The LED lights that represent NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK functionality on a universal serial bus (USB) keyboard do not assume their pre-sleep or pre-hibernation status after the computer resumes. Additionally, these lights now remain off, regardless of the status of the corresponding keys.
  • You receive an error message that states that a device does not meet the Logo requirements.

This update also addresses two issues in which you may receive a Stop error message that resembles one of the following.
  • Error message 1: STOP 127 PAGE_NOT_ZERO_NVIDIA_USB

    This error occurs on a Windows Vista-based computer that uses 2 gigabytes (GB) or more of RAM and an nVidia nForce EHCI controller.
  • Error message 2: STOP 0x1000007E usbhub.sys SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

    This error occurs because of a race condition in the Usbhub.sys driver. This condition occurs if a USB device driver tries to enter a selective suspend state when a previously canceled selective suspend request has not yet been fully processed."

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