Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Proxy Settings When Using a Router on Windows Vista

I had this document "saved as a draft" because I haven't had a chance to add the links below to Windows Vista Bookmarks. This is being published in hopes of having an answer for Bits from Bill: Great New Dell Vista Laptop but No Internet

Proxy settings in the browser need to be disabled when using a router as the gateway for the Internet connection. Although I did not find instructions for disabling proxy settings in Opera, below are instructions for Firefox and IE.

Here is the full set of articles at Linksys: Windows Vista Articles Listing

Update: This may also be of interest, recently published at InsideMicrosoft by Nathan Weinberg: Vista Confusing Wireless Routers

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Anonymous said...

The proxy setting on my vista IE is never checked. Yet, the new Dell XPS M1710 is still just a machine that sometimes has internet connection, and sometimes does not. And to make it more interesting, it happens more after a sleep or hybernation, but also happens just randomely when the machine is on.