Saturday, October 25, 2008

Windows 7 Resources

With PDC2008 ready to enthrall techies from around the world, particularly with the sessions on Windows 7, a new Microsoft blog has been rolled out, The Windows 7 Blog for Developers.

As the title indicates, the blog is devoted to developers. The intent is for it to be a
“one stop shop” on how developers can use Windows 7 features in their application. Expect code samples and demos showcasing some of Windows 7’s new features. The purpose is to highlight the Windows 7 development story.

For IT Professionals focused on Windows Client, you will want to keep tabs on another new blog, the Springboard Series - The Resource for Windows Desktop IT Professionals. Although not completely focused on Windows 7, I would expect to see it covered as well. The goal is to provide information and help on the latest guidance, tools, and resources available for the Windows Client.

The two new blogs will have their work cut out for them in order to captivate their respective audiences to the extent that Engineering Windows 7 has been doing.

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