Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cyber Security Awareness Tip of the Day: October 8

Until recently, the https setting for Gmail was hidden in options. In July, Google made the secure setting more accessible:
"We've added an option to Settings to always use https. If you don't regularly log in via unencrypted wireless connections at coffee shops or airports or college dorms, then you might not need this additional layer of security. But if you want to always use https, then this setting makes it super easy. Whenever you forget to type, we'll add the https for you. If you already have the https URL bookmarked, using this setting will ensure you access your account via https even when you don't use your bookmark. Any http link to Gmail (for example, the one at the top of will be automatically redirected to https."
With the increase of families setting up wireless networks at home, Digger's tip of the day is most appropriate.

October 8 Tip of the Day
"If you are logging into gmail from a wireless network, start at, rather than, to make it harder for other people to read your email."

Note: As of the Google July posting, Google Toolbar and other Google apps were not yet compatible with https.

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