Thursday, October 30, 2008

Security Updates for Chrome and Opera

Google's Chrome Beta:

Beta release:

Included among various issues that were fixed in the Beta release, the following Security Update was included in the latest release:
"Security Update
  • This release fixes an issue with address spoofing in pop-ups. A site could convince a user to click a link to open a pop-up window. The window's address bar could be manipulated to show a different address than the actual origin of the content.
    Security rating: Medium. This flaw could be used to mislead people about the origin of a web site in order to get them to divulge sensitive information.
    Disclosed by: Liu Die Yu of the TopsecTianRongXin research lab."


From Certified Bug, I see that Opera also has a security update, with Advisory 906, labeled "Extremely Severe" and Advisory 907 as "Highly Severe". If you use Opera, update to Version 9.62.

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