Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cyber Security Awareness Tip of the Day: October 5

Today's Tip of the Day comes from R-C (also known as "ravencajun" in the Computer Help Forum at GardenWeb. R-C's tip comes from a discussion on the large volume of spam and how the spammers get our personal e-mail addresses.
"One of the worst problems, and a big reason the spammers have our addy, is not using the blind carbon copy feature when forwarding emails. And unfortunately the ones that will do that are your trusted friends and family! I never forward an email that shows others email addresses it is just very very bad behavior and it shows no regard for the people whose addresses are being spread all over the net.

When I have people do that to me I politely ask them not to include my email address in those emails if they can not use the BCC feature. I in turn will not use theirs in that fashion either.

Sins of The Internet: Not Using Bcc
BCC for Privacy!
use BCC from now on"
For instructions on using the BCC (Blind Copy) feature in OE, see Using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in Outlook Express.

October 5 Tip of the Day
"If you have not been using BCC please do yourself and everyone else a HUGE favor and start using it now. Help stop the spammers from getting our addys. This should also reduce the number of infected emails arriving in your inbox."

Thank you, R-C!

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