Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Windows 7 Home Page and Blogs

The Microsoft Windows 7 home page is now live: Windows 7.

In addition, the primary team blog site for information on Windows Vista and Windows Experience is now a three-pronged team site. The Windows Team Blog which includes the Windows Vista Team Blog, the Windows Experience Blog and the new Windows 7 Team Blog.

As Brandon LeBlanc explained:

All 3 of these blogs also have distinct purposes. As you can expect – the Windows Vista Team Blog will continue to talk about all-things Windows Vista and the Windows 7 Team Blog will talk about all-things Windows 7 as we move forward. The Windows Experience Blog, which is written by me, will continue to talk about anything related to the cool and interesting Windows experiences people can have with Windows. The focus of the 2 “Team” blogs is to deliver important news and announcements we think are important to you as a consumer and as a Windows enthusiast in a more personable way. Real people (like me and Mike Nash) write these blog posts.

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