Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cyber Security Awareness Tip of the Day: October 28

When purchasing a cell phone, PDA or computer accessories like keyboards, mice and other peripherals, many people look for models that are Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth is a method of wireless networking these devices without wires or cables.

October 28 Tip of the Day:

Protect yourself before you connect your Bluetooth devices.

"How can you protect yourself?

  • Disable Bluetooth when you are not using it - Unless you are actively transferring information from one device to another, disable the technology to prevent unauthorized people from accessing it.

  • Use Bluetooth in "hidden" mode - When you do have Bluetooth enabled, make sure it is "hidden," not "discoverable." The hidden mode prevents other Bluetooth devices from recognizing your device. This does not prevent you from using your Bluetooth devices together. You can "pair" devices so that they can find each other even if they are in hidden mode. Although the devices (for example, a mobile phone and a headset) will need to be in discoverable mode to initially locate each other, once they are "paired" they will always recognize each other without needing to rediscover the connection.

  • Be careful where you use Bluetooth - Be aware of your environment when pairing devices or operating in discoverable mode. For example, if you are in a public wireless "hotspot," there is a greater risk that someone else may be able to intercept the connection (see Securing Wireless Networks for more information) than if you are in your home or your car.

  • Evaluate your security settings - Most devices offer a variety of features that you can tailor to meet your needs and requirements. However, enabling certain features may leave you more vulnerable to being attacked, so disable any unnecessary features or Bluetooth connections. Examine your settings, particularly the security settings, and select options that meet your needs without putting you at increased risk. Make sure that all of your Bluetooth connections are configured to require a secure connection.

  • Take advantage of security options - Learn what security options your Bluetooth device offers, and take advantage of features like authentication and encryption."
From Understanding Bluetooth Technology

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