Monday, October 27, 2008

PDC08 Bloggers Speculate

Bill Pytolovany reported in live from PDC but couldn't tell us anything he learned in a sneak preview about Windows 7 due to confidentiality. I have been following Bill's TweetGrid which includes Tweets tagged #PDC, #PDC08 and #PDC2008 as well as Bill's reports.

Mary-Jo Foley also isn't giving away any secrets but has provided a report on information that has trickled out from various sources in Windows 7 pre-beta build: What’s inside

Ed Bott, on the other hand, provided a report on the Seven questions Microsoft won’t answer about Windows 7.

Based on Long Zheng's Windows 7 (M3) pre-beta features detailed in privacy statement, however, it would appear the answer to Ed's first unanswered question, "How many versions of Windows 7 will be available?", it seems we can expect to see at least three if not four. The privacy statement references Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Adding at least one lower-cost personal version (i.e., Windows 7 Home Basic Edition), we can speculate there will be at least three versions. Will there also be a Windows 7 Home Professional?

Joe Wilcox "live-blogged" during the keynote: Microsoft Debuts Windows Azure

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