Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cyber Security Awareness Tip of the Day: October 22

While many people have been hurt financially during the recent unstable economic situation, I have heard other people considering investments in stocks that may have been out of their reach before but are affordable now.

October 22 Tip of the Day

In this electronic age, stock transactions can be conducted anytime and by anyone. Before you invest, investigate! Links below are provided for researching brokers, checking if the investment is registered, and more.

See Online Investing for tips on how too invest wisely online.


Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Identity Theft
FINRA 's BrokerCheck
SEC: EDGAR database
SEC: Investor Information
SEC: Online Complaint Center
SEC: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Securities Industry: Self-regulatory Organizations (including FINRA, Amex, and Nasdaq)
Your State: Securities Regulator

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