Monday, February 12, 2007

Lavasoft's Rebuttal

Hat tip Oliver . . .

Michael Helander, Director of Communications and PR for Lavasoft, published Lavasoft's rebuttal to the recent publications regarding outstanding obligations to the Swedish Tax Authority.

Comments on a local Newspaper Article Regarding Lavasoft. My original post on this topic is here.

Somewhat off topic: Before Michael was handling publicity, it would have been very unlikely that there would have been such a prompt response from Lavasoft, if any at all. Compliments to Michael for her efforts in providing this and similar communications to Lavasoft customers.

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On another Ad-Aware topic, if you updated the definition files this morning, please note that the definition files were updated again this afternoon to fix yet another false/positive. The Reference Number is unchanged at SE1R151 12.02.2007. However the MD5 checksum was changed in the new version. If you have

MD5 checksum 7c5278b1a148d44099d30ab557ade458

you need to update to

MD5 checksum b081efede3304424b19ce49d0d1ea511

Confusing isn't it. How difficult is it to increment the Reference number to avoid this confusion? Perhaps Michael has some influence with Lavasoft Research.

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