Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Updated Windows Vista Bookmarks

It seems that every day I am reading a blog that leads me to a new site or tutorial to add to Windows Vista Bookmarks. Since that site remains "static" with new posts only when new categories (labels) are added, I will do an update post here periodically listing the additions.

A major addition was a compilation of Vista Compatible Antivirus Software. The compilation updated the posts made here on Security Garden. Thanks to Jesper's 64-Bit Anti-virus for Vista and his link to Malke's list of 32-bit anti-virus programs, I was to provide that breakdown as well.

Virtual PC 2007 is another added category.

Additions to Vista Security Help and Tutorials include:
A bookmark to the incredible photography in the Windows Vista Desktop Wallpaper Pack by Hamad Darwish | World of Photography was added to Windows Vista Customizations.

Thanks to VistaJuice, I found DriverMax (backup drivers) for Drivers, Hardware and Software, which also was updated to include Microsoft's update to the list of "Certified for Windows Vista" and "Works with Windows Vista" (see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 933305)Mentioning VistaJuice above, reminds me that I also added a few sites to Vista Blogs and Forums including Microsoft MVP James M. Fisher's website, Windows Talk, Windows-Now, and VistaJuice.

I may have missed one or two additions but the information above is enough to clue you in that Windows Vista Bookmarks is a good place to start when looking for information on Windows Vista.

By the way, Windows Vista Bookmarks is mirrored in a page per category layout format at Connected to Vista Bookmarks with a topic in the Windows Connected Lounge for submissions.

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