Sunday, February 18, 2007

Juror and Detective in Julie Amero Case Speak

While catching up on my reading today, I did a double-take at Tashi's blog post at CertifiedBug in Juror and Detective in Julie Amero case speak, which led to two articles by Steve Bass at PCWorld:
Mr. Bass received an e-mail from one of the jurors on the Julie Amero case. He confirmed from the Court transcripts that the individual was who he said he was. The juror asked Mr. Bass not to reveal his real name, but to use his nom de plume, ConnYankee1951. Scary isn't it that a 55 year old man thinks he can hide behind a previously used nom de plume leading to personal information.

Follow that article with yet someone else involved in the Amero case writing to Mr. Bass wanting to be heard. Yes, the Detective involved in the case also wrote to Mr. Bass and made statements like the following:
"Those in the courtroom saw and heard the truth. Once sentencing is done the truth CAN BE presented to the world IF they want it. I'm thinking the world doesn't want to hear the truth."
Sorry, this isn't finished yet. To add to the bizarre, as Frank Krasicki describes the situation at Region 19 BOE Gazette,
"Just when you think the Julie Amero case has safely resolved itself as being the strangest case of community madness since the Salem Witch trials, it... gets even stranger.
He is right. The real kicker is the report from WTHN TV, which certainly puts a question on the integrity of the Detective:
"Newspaper: Officer admits to drinking beer during sting

(Norwich-AP, December 20, 2001, 12:40 PM) _ A Norwich police detective has admitted to drinking beer while driving a minor around the city on a sting targeting alcohol sales to underage drinkers.

That's according to a report in today's Day of New London newspaper.

Detective Mark Lounsbury, who drove the police van used in the undercover sting operation on November 30th made the admission last week to Deputy Chief Warren Mocek, the newspaper reported.

Mocek is overseeing an investigation into a misconduct complaint against Lounsbury and Lieutenant James Daigle.

A 20-year-old woman claims Daigle photographed her topless while she was working for the department in the same sting operation."

There is more. I won't steal his thunder. Read the rest of Mr. Krasicki's post for yourself at "More Porn in Amero Case".

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