Monday, February 05, 2007

Sunbelt Launches CounterSpy V2

With their usual "touch of class", Sunbelt launched CounterSpy V2, their next generation antispyware product. It is important to note is that users of Windows 98SE and ME will need to continue to use version 1.5, which is still available and will continue to be supported with definition updates. With those operating systems no longer supported by Microsoft for critical updates, I hope those users will be able to upgrade soon.

Very briefly, the key features include:
  • Hybrid engine — CounterSpy uses a new hybrid engine, which incorporates our traditional antispyware engine with VIPRE, our new antivirus technology.

  • It’s faster and more efficient

  • Kernel-level Active Protection — Counterspy’s Active Protection(tm) now resides in the kernel — the core of the operating system.

  • FirstScan — CounterSpy V2 also has FirstScan technology, which scans certain locations of the drive and removes malware prior to Windows launching. (FirstScan will only run when CounterSpy finds suspicious files).

  • Vista support — CounterSpy V2 supports Vista 32 bit and integrates with the Vista Security Center. Support for 64-bit will be added in the forthcoming months.
You will want to read the complete details, available here. What I want to call your attention to is the Evolving the antimalware technology model which led to the newly released V2. I consider that article a "must read".

Unlike other vendors who find it necessary to bad-mouth the competition days before releasing their new software, Sunbelt has developed a software program for the future and introduced it with class.

Introducing CounterSpy V2
Evolving the antimalware technology model


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