Friday, February 02, 2007

Vista UAC Triggers

Ed Bott responded to a reader's question about UAC Account triggers with a quote from his recently published book, Windows Vista Inside Out. The question came from Ed's earlier post, which I had been planning on pointing out anyway. So, while you're at it, read the articles and the comments in both of Ed's articles, linked below. Great stuff, Ed!

UAC Triggers:

The types of actions that require elevation to administrator status (and therefore display a UAC elevation prompt) include those that make changes to system-wide settings or to files in %SystemRoot% or %ProgramFiles%. Among the actions that require elevation:

  • Installing and uninstalling applications
  • Installing device drivers
  • Installing ActiveX controls
  • Installing Windows Updates
  • Changing settings for Windows Firewall
  • Changing UAC settings
  • Configuring Windows Update
  • Adding or removing user accounts
  • Changing a user’s account type
  • Configuring Parental Controls
  • Running Task Scheduler
  • Restoring backed-up system files
  • Viewing or changing another user’s folders and files

Within Windows Vista, you can identify in advance many actions that require elevation. A shield icon next to a button or link indicates that a UAC prompt will appear.


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