Thursday, February 01, 2007

Phishing News and Updates

Phishing News

Certainly by now everyone knows that IE7, Firefox and Opera browsers all have phishing filters. That is not to say that the browsers will catch all "phishes" or that, for varying reasons, you have the most recent browser release that includes the phishing filter. Of course if your reason for not updating your browser is because you haven't gotten around to it, please make the time. In addition to providing added features, the updated browsers are infintely more secure.

So, what happens to all those phishes? If you delete the phish from your email, they continue. However, as I have written a number of times before, if you submit the phish to, you will do your part in helping to bring the phishing site down.

Learn more about the effect the Castle Cops PIRT Team has had in preventing more than $22 million worth of fraudulent credit card charges since its inception last year in Brian Kreb's article, In Praise of Phish Fighters. Also included is information about Castle Cops 5th Birthday Celebration sweepstakes give-away of more than $130,000 worth of security software and tools to Castle Cops forum members. Contest details and entry are available at CastleCops.

Update 04Feb07: I've said many times how much I respect Alex Eckelberry. He truly is a class act! Read Alex Recognizing Paul and Robin Laudanski.

IE7 Phishing Performance Filter Update

As I reported in December, some people have experienced high CPU usage with the IE7 Phishing Filter on pages that contain multiple frames or when multiple frames are navigated simultaneously (i.e., opening multiple tabs containing pages with frames).

The IE Team announced the release of the Phishing Filter update to Windows Update for Windows Vista users on January 29. It is to be added to Windows Update for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users this month. Versions are available for all systems at Knowledge Base Article 928089.

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