Thursday, February 15, 2007

CastleCops Anniversary Bash Continues to Grow!

Even if you aren't a member of CastleCops now, you can sign up and take a chance in the sweepstakes give-away of security software and tools to Castle Cops forum members. From the original announcement:

"The Contest celebrates CastleCops five years of operation and recognizes its volunteer community outstanding achievements and excellence in Internet security. Our promoters have donated their products as prizes estimated total at $130,000 US for this contest. We thank our promoters and our community for making our anniversary a special occasion. "

Since then, additional promoters have joined in, bringing the value of prizes available to

$220,000+ US Avg Value in Prizes

You need to register at the forum, go through the email validation, and then click the link at the top of the forum to enter the contest. But that is all it takes.

Check as many (or all) of the boxes on the entry form as you wish to enter for a chance to win. If you aren't sure if you would be interested in the particular software/book, etc., that's ok. You can return and check the box later to enter that particular drawing.

Note: there is only one entry per "category". In other words, you won't be able to place multiple entries for Prevx, WinPatrol Plus, Windows Vista Ultimate or Nullbound (worth $3200), etc. After checking the box(es) and submitting your entry, should you return, those options will no longer show as available to enter.

Check out the list here: and join in the fun.

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