Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Ask Toolbar for WinPatrol!

There are quite a few posts on Security Garden that get a fair amount of attention. However, there were two fairly recently that really gathered some attention: Webroot Spy Sweeper Is "Out of Favor" and, particularly, Beware of ZoneAlarm! Both of those posts discuss the pre-checked inclusion for the installation of the Ask Toolbar along with their software offering.

Many people may be wondering why well known software vendors like Webroot and Check Point (ZoneAlarm) would want the users of their software to install toolbar with a rather shady reputation. At the time, I suspected there was some nice pocket change benefits to the vendor pushing the IAC's Ask toolbar. Indeed, it appears that suspicion was accurate.

However, as discouraging as it may be that formerly recommended software programs went this route, I am proud to point out that Bill Pytlovany, the developer of the beloved "Scotty the Windows Watchdog"/WinPatrol software elected the high road:
"I’m going to have to pass and keep WinPatrol simple and pure. There will be a new version of WinPatrol later this month and it won’t include any toolbars. Hopefully, users and editors will continue to recommend Scotty the Windows WatchDog because they love and respect WinPatrol. This may not be the best business decision I’ve ever made but I can live with myself."
As a devoted fan, not only will I continue to recommend WinPatrol, I encourage the purchase of a WinPatrol Plus license for anyone in a position to do so. Unlike other vendors who require an annual subscription, it is a one-time fee for WinPatrol Plus. WinPatrol was installed on my new laptop last year before anything else.

Read the full story at Would you like Toolbar with your Software Order? Get WinPatrol. Purchase WinPatrol Plus for a one-time fee, including all updates.

To learn more about WinPatrol, tune in Saturday 19 January 2008 at 10 AM EST to TechWatch Radio. To listen live To Bill on Saturday morning, go to

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