Friday, January 04, 2008

No Privacy at Sears!

I saw a new article in my RSS feeds by Ben Edelman but had not had the opportunity to read it. Then, today, I saw Bill Pytlovany's blog post, Your Sears Purchase Details Available to World
(I always check Bill's posts right away.) After reading Bill's post, I quickly discovered that I had plenty of opportunity to read Ben's post, now not later. That is where I learned that
"Sears offers no security whatsoever to prevent a ManageMyHome user from retrieving another person's purchase history by entering that person's name, phone number, and address."
Ben also documented the almost uncaring attitude in the response when he submitted feedback to Sears. I strongly encourage you to read the linked topics below and consider sending a feedback to Sears with your opinion of their treatment of privacy issues via the "Contact us" link.


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