Monday, April 02, 2007

WinPatrol 2007 v11.2

My apology to WinPatrol fans for not letting you know about release of WinPatrol 2007 v 11.2 last week. It seems I have been spending a bit too much time between analyzing log files and updating Windows Vista Bookmarks.

Following are the updated features:
  • Major performance improvement reading the Windows registry when duplicate reading is being done by other security programs.
  • Right-click access to a programs Folder and Properties including Vista Security settings, Digital Signatures and Shadow copies
  • Fixed a bug moving some Startup Folder items back from Delayed Startup to normal startup folder.
  • Added backup method to launch programs that failed to start at the appropriate time.

Note for Windows Vista Users:

The sound function works a bit differently on Windows Vista. As a result, Scotty's bark will be missing when launching WinPatrol from the task bar or if Scotty alerts you to a change.
Here is what Bill Pytlovany said about Scotty's Bark on Windows Vista:

"Yea, this is one I really hoped to have an answer by now on. I've left messages on Microsofts Vista Developer help board but it looks like I may have to use one of the phone calls I'm allowed to get someone at Microsoft to explain what has changed.

WinPatrol hasn't made any changes to how we call the sound function but it apparently works a little different in Vista. I'm happily surprised that with all that could possibility go wrong, this remains the number one bug that people are reporting.


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