Friday, April 27, 2007

The Windows Experience

Anyone who has been following the excitement over the official release of Windows Vista has probably also followed the posts of Brandon LeBlanc, AKA Sidebar Geek, at The Wow, the blog he introduced specifically for this purpose at The Hive. A couple weeks ago, Brandon apologized for the quiet, explaining he was working on a new project. Now we know why!

Brandon has been hired on as a vendor to blog about Windows Vista experiences. As Brandon explains in his initial post:

"With the Windows Experience Blog, the idea is to showcase and talk about all the amazing experiences one can have with Windows Vista. I’m taking my lead from Nick who will continue to share news, information, and technical insight about Windows, and I’ll expand on that with the Windows Experience blog. The Windows Experience blog is focused on Windows Enthusiasts and dives deeper into the fantastic experiences within Windows. And the experiences here won’t always be experiences from myself or other folks at Microsoft. We want to highlight experiences *you* have as well! Expect to see lots of videos and lots of screenshots! Just like Nick, I plan to spend a lot of extra time beyond simply posting blog posts. I plan to continue the conversation into the comments on the blog posts as well."

Congratulations, Brandon! You and Nick will make an excellent "tag team".

I am excited about this additional resource available for learning more about Windows Vista. You and my readers can be certain that
The Windows Experience Blog has been added to Windows Vista Bookmarks! You will be able to find it with the Microsoft Blogs and Websites bookmarks.

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