Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (July – December 2006)

First a bit of background

My computer has never (knock on wood) been infected with a virus, trojan, keylogger, etc. So, how did I end up moving from helping users create a dial-up networking connection to helping users remove infections from their computers in help forums, and, ultimately, a Microsoft MVP?

Blame it on Aaron Hulett, Microsoft Security Research & Response Team. One evening in 2003 as I was updating definitions to a popular anti-malware scanner, I followed a link in the GUI to the vendor's home page. There I listened to a recording and spotted a link to the support forums. Aaron was responsible for the link I followed and it was his voice on the recording. The end result? I got hooked and the rest, including friends like Aaron and the team at LandzDown Forum, is history.

Back on Topic

How does that history relate to the publication of the second volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report? Aaron contributed to the publication, as did another friend, Subratam Biswas. Knowing both individuals and knowing how deeply dedicated they both are to their work, makes me particularly proud to provide a link to the Security Intelligence Report that includes their contributions.

The latest version of the Security Intelligence Report focuses on the second half of 2006 (from July to December) and builds on the the data published in the first volume. The report provides "an in-depth perspective of trends in the malicious and potentially unwanted software landscape" and is packed with data!


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