Monday, April 02, 2007

Ethics and antispyware

Have you ever wondered how certain antispyware companies get such high ratings when their removal rate is not on par with what would be expected? Why do their "trials" only detect but not remove unless you shell out the big bucks for a license key?

Alex Eckelberry explains the "scan and scare" tactics used by these companies in simple terms -- the payback to the companies is significantly greater. CounterSpy V2 does not work that way. A trial version of their product is fully functional. Not only that, the cost of a license is about one-third less than most of the companies using the "scan and scare" technique.

After you read what Alex wrote about Ethics and antispyare, consider something else. Sunbelt has some of the best known people in the security community working for or consulting with them, including a number of Microsoft MVP's.

If you or someone you know needs security software for their computer, I strongly suggest considering Sunbelt's Counterspy and WinPatrol by Bill Pytlovany. I consider Alex Eckelberry and Bill Pytlovany two of the most honest, ethical people in the security industry.

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